How We Work
01. Analysis of Technology
The first step in the successful implementation of telecommunication networks is to have a clear and well-defined understanding of the user requirements. This is achieved by supporting the customer with:

  • Technology demand studies
  • User profile characteristics
  • Network functional requirement definition
  • Consideration of applicable technologies.
Once the requirements are well defined, Tower & Power proceeds to define a first level concept solution, based on the most suited technology(s) and product(s). Being an independent system engineering house, Tower & Power focus during this process is to find the optimum solution for the requirement, independent of product manufacturer or technology platform. On completion of the concept design phase, the customer is presented with a design report and feasibility analyses that provide a validated reference for management decisions applicable to further investment actions.
02. Definition of Concept Solution
03. Detailed Design

When the customer approves the system concept and implementation feasibility plan we proceed with the detail engineering and design activities. Using software design tools and engineering models our engineering group defines the detail specifications of the infrastructure.

This process is supported by market product information that is obtained from vendors and manufacturers. The detail design activity will define product specifications and equipment lists to be used as basis for procurement activities through transparent market demand and typically include activities such as:

  • Transmission path analysis
  • Propagation prediction studies
  • Traffic analysis
  • Satellite equipment sizing and link calculations
  • Infrastructure definition
Based on the equipment specifications and product lists defined during the detail design phase, Tower & Power procures all equipment and installation material items. Using internal project management skills and installation resources, combined with customer requested resources, we proceed to provide turnkey solutions that include:

purchasing of equipment

Tower & Power has preferred supply agreements with selected local and international suppliers of telecommunication installation materials and equipment. Our project engineering experience, coupled with our industry knowledge, provides Tower & Power with an unequaled competitive advantage to ensure dependable quality of supply chain activities.

Test and Commissioning

All site installation activities contracted by Tower & Power are executed under the supervision of qualified and experienced technicians who have multi-disciplinary skills and who can ensure that the final phase of system implementation is done according to stringent installation standards and specifications.

04. Turn-Key Implementation

On-Site Implementation

We offer total cradle to grave site services, including site establishment, building phase plant requirements, site security services, and site clearance to our customers – in essence a total site civil works service.
Site establishment, including earth works, vegetation removal, access road establishment and trenching.
On-site support, including security services, plant hire and plant operation.
Post completion services, including site clearance and landscaping.
Ad-hoc work, i.e.:

  • New transmission requirements
  • RF configurations
  • TMA installations
  • Drive Tests – Radio Planning
  • Power Generator Rigging
  • Site acceptance/handover on the customer’s behalf with other contractors
  • Site earthing upgrade – Concrete repairs – plinths, ramps and mast foundation
  • Site Access Road repair
  • Direct burial cable installation
05. Project Management
Today the difference between success and failure lies in people and their associated skills rather than the chosen technologies. The deployment of the right skills and the right workflow processes, executed by a single and un-biased point of accountability provides a framework for developing timelines, building resources, and defining goals and milestones that keeps associated costs at a low premium.

Regardless of project scope, we are committed to developing the appropriate skills, and this is the Tower & Power advantage.

Tower & Power experienced project management capability is fundamental to the success of accelerated project implementation as is often required for telecommunication networks.

Our methodologies and tools are completely customisable to suit our customer’s individual needs, and are continuously adapted and upgraded to meet current and emerging standards, requirements and technologies.

Tower & Power strongly believe that the long term success of any project depends on the tools and mechanisms that are implemented to provide life-cycle support. During the system engineering process we will focus on identifying the applicable levels of support. This typically includes:

  • On-site equipment diagnostics
  • Remote field management solutions
  • Support in establishing skills and capabilities
  • On-going engineering design support
  • Upgrade and growth support
  • Tower & Power will manage the interface with vendors, suppliers, and any other third parties, for all equipment and support services provided as part of the Tower & Power turnkey solution.
06. Solution Support
07. Maintenance Service

Level 1

Site Cleaning and Auditing

Level 1 – 2 – 3

Site Cleaning and Auditing, plus
Site maintenance, generator, Container, 30% mast, access road, fence and a lights, plus
Mast Maintenance – torque
Real-time, on-line site monitoring ( optional )

Level 1 – 2

Site Cleaning and Auditing, plus

Site maintenance, generator, Container, 30% mast, access road, fence and a lights
Real-time, on-line site monitoring ( optional )

Level 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

Site Cleaning and Auditing, plus
Site maintenance, generator, Container, 30% mast, access road, fence and a lights, plus
Mast Maintenance – torque, plus
Ad hoc Services – Drive test, Transmission and optimization, real-time, on-line site monitoring.